About us

About us

We are Christians tackling poverty together in England.

We are passionate about bringing God’s love, hope and justice to the poorest and most marginalised people in England, empowering them to transform their lives.

We believe the local church is uniquely placed to make this happen.

That’s why, as the Church of England’s response to poverty, we've set up our Together Network to enhance the work of local churches, providing support so they can reach even further and change things for the better.

We have also supported local churches through grants, having provided more than £70 million in funding over our history, directing funding to where it is needed most and where it will make the biggest difference.

We work at a national and local level, bringing churches and Christians together to tackle poverty where we are, right now.


Church Urban Fund's central office contact details:

Telephone: 020 7898 1647

E-mail: enquiries@cuf.org.uk

Church Urban Fund
Church House
27 Great Smith Street

Charity Number: 297483 

Our vision is for people in every church, in every community, to get involved by giving time, money, action and prayer.

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