A different approach to Christian Ministry

A different approach to Christian Ministry

Recently, Pastor Mike Mather met with a group of clergy in St Chads Church in Bensham Gateshead.

Mike is pastor of Broadway Church in Indianapolis and during his time in leadership he has completely redefined their urban ministry. 

Instead of running programmes to serve the needs of people in their community, Mike encourages his church community to view their neighbours as people with gifts and talents, not just needs. This means listening to people, seeing their gifts and working with them to find opportunities to use those gifts. 

“The church, and me in particular,” Mather said, “has done a lot of work where we have treated the people around us as if, at worst, they are a different species and, at best, as if they are people to be pitied and helped by us.”

Learning from those experiences, Mike and his team are now using an asset-based approach to bring about real change in their community.

Here you can listen to the talk Mike gave in Durham

You can also find out more about his work in this article (where the above quote was taken).



Author: Bethany Eckley

Date: 25 November 2015