How are partners have taken on an international flavour.

How are partners have taken on an international flavour.

Have you heard of our good friends and partners, The Feast? They’ve been working since 2008 to bring together Christian and Muslim teenagers to build friendships, explore faith, and change lives.

The way The Feast generally work is by hosting events for young Christians and Muslims where they can meet each other and develop friendships.

However, in 2015, The Feast mixed things up a little bit.

Project Ghana is described as an “interfaith, inter-cultural, overseas, social action project”. It meant that seven Muslim and Christian teenagers from Birmingham travelled out with three members of staff from The Feast to Ghana.

Having been prepared beforehand through leadership training, fundraising, and activity planning, this group set out to Ghana in July to run a holiday club for some of Ghana’s children.

Through the project, these teenagers from Birmingham learnt to work together as a team as they delivered activities for the children in Ghana. They had the opportunity to engage in worship with their new found Ghanaian friends and develop relationships across all levels of boundaries.

Haleema is one of the teens that travelled and she commented after about how amazing she found the experience,

“The most significant things I have taken from my experience in Ghana are the friendships and the sense of pride at having developed as a person and as a team member.

This project helped me to explore my own faith by praying with my Muslim friends, and to experience the exhilaratingly loud church on a Sunday with my Christian friends. I have experienced a new country of beautiful weather, vibrant clothing and a wonderful culture”

Author: Mr Tim Burton-Jones

Date: 22 January 2016