Improve your fundraising skills with Near Neighbours

Improve your fundraising skills with Near Neighbours

In the past week, the Near Neighbours Faith Based Fundraising programme has delivered highly successful workshops in Nottingham and Wallsall. Twenty-six people have participated and given outstanding evaluations on the learning they have gained. John McCallum Near Neighbours East Midlands Coordinator and workshop leader commented:

“We have had days packed full of sharing skills and knowledge. I was extremely impressed at the energy of Near Neighbour participants who want to attract new resources into their communities. Particularly welcomed by participants is the unique workshop manual that is full of practical tools and examples. 

"Fundraising can be a challenging process but with the awareness the workshop offers all felt much better equipped to cope with the inevitable challenges of gaining funding for social action in their neighbourhood.”


Alongside the Faith Based Fundraising (FBF) Workshops, which is a general introduction to fundraising, John also delivers an application writing workshop called 'Near Neighbours Faithful Fundraising'.

Both workshops will be held in the coming months in each of the Near Neighbours locations with the next being 'Faith Based Fundraising' in Luton on the 15th June and 'Faithful Fundraising' on the 17th June in Nottingham.

For more information and to book a place talk to your local Near Neighbours Coordinator.

Author: Mr Tim Burton-Jones

Date: 15 May 2015