For Interfaith Week this year, Near Neighbours wants to celebrate all that is great about such cross-faith encounters in our country!

We live in a wonderful and diverse nation where many people of all faiths and none contribute what they have to their community. During this year’s Interfaith Week, between November 15th and November 21st, we want to hear what people love about engaging with people of different faiths.

To do so we’re asking what #InterFaithMeans to you?

We would love it if you could join us by sharing your views and how you think interfaith is making our communities stronger! Tweet using the hashtag #InterFaithMeans and tag us in your post.

You can do this by finishing off the sentence in your own way, e.g. ‘#interfaithmeans that lunch will always be tasty!’ or, a little more seriously, ‘#interfaithmeans that our communities are stronger and friendlier.’

You might also want to be a bit creative with this. Maybe you want to take an interfaith selfie? Maybe you want to see how many people you can get in an interfaith selfie? Maybe you want to have more people in an interfaith selfie than any interfaith selfie before? Maybe you’d like to draw a picture summing up what interfaith means to you? Maybe write a song? Maybe make a Vine? Maybe just tell your interfaith story through emoticons?

Whatever you’re doing, make sure you join us and have fun as we celebrate the peace, harmony, and good friendships that interfaith has given us. Let’s write an interfaith story that we can be proud of! 

Author: Mr Tim Burton-Jones

Date: 09 November 2015