Learning for our Future: The Conference

Learning for our Future: The Conference

On Tuesday 26th January we at Near Neighbours were so fortunate and so blessed to be joined by so many people from across the entirety of the Near Neighbours programme, those who’ve been with us right from the start and those who’ve only just jumped aboard the train. We had people coming from the furthest parts of England to join us in Leeds, and some locals, too.

With such a fantastic array of people with us, representing so many of England’s faith and local communities, we felt we were able to really celebrate together. A celebration of all that has been achieved since 2011 and a recognition of all that is to come.

We were all welcomed to the event by Canon Paul Hackwood who insisted that we start the day by turning to an individual nearby and congratulate them on all they’d done to build their community.

This sentiment was echoed by our next speaker, the Bishop of Leeds, Nick Baines, who made it clear that Near Neighbours is all about celebrating the seemingly small victories that are made every day in communities.

It was this sentiment that we think captures what we’ve been doing. It is about lots of seemingly small steps that are actually really significant and, all put together, they are transforming the face of England’s communities.

It was great that the whole day at the conference became about meeting old faces and greeting new ones as people from all walks of life joined with us to celebrate the diversity of England’s communities.

But, as well as being about celebrating what has been achieved, we wanted the day to be about learning for the future so that we can continue to build stronger communities.

As such, a series of workshops and seminars took place to help people with their own communities with sessions including learning from the refugee crisis, working with teenagers, how to fundraise as a faith community, and how to use social media in your community.

If you want to see some pictures from the day, take a look here.

Made in Leed's News crew also showed up for the day and you can find their report in the first three minutes of this show.

And below are some of our favourite tweets from the day!

Thank you to everyone who came along and made it such a special day!


Author: Mr Tim Burton-Jones

Date: 29 January 2016