Legacy Week

Legacy Week

What would you like the impact of your legacy to be on the future?


Imagine a future where everyone has community and friendship

At Church Urban Fund are working to transform lives and communities. We imagine a future where every individual and every community in England is flourishing. 

When Steve Purcell’s mother passed away recently he chose to pass his share of his mother’s legacy to Church Urban Fund.

Towards the end of her life Steve's mother suffered from sight issues which stopped her from taking part in many social activities. In her memory, Steve asked that his gift benefit elderly people suffering from loneliness and isolation. 

The legacy has been able to support 12 projects all over England, impacting 100’s of lives. 

Here are just a few of the projects that Steve's gift has helped to support:

In the short and moving video Steve meets some of the people whose lives have been transformed through projects supported his gift. One of the projects featured is the Duckie Club in West Hackney, London which provides high class entertainment for elderly people in the community. Local residents get dressed up and enjoy an afternoon tea with lots of giggles and plenty of fun!

Isolation and loneliness affects many people. There are nearly 5 million people in this country who say they have no close friends. It is an issue affecting more and more elderly people for a variety of complex reasons.

But thanks to Steve and his gift to Church Urban Fund, in memory of his mother, many of the barriers which lead to loneliness and isolation are being dismantled, helping more people live life to the full. 

Imagine the future with Church Urban Fund. 

Once you have made provision for your loved ones you have the opportunity to leave a gift that will make a lasting difference to many communities and lives across England.

Find out how you can leave a legacy and transform lives and communities in England.

Author: Lynsey Robinson

Date: 29 July 2015