Making Multiculturalism Work

Making Multiculturalism Work

The think-tank Theos, which works to inform the debate about the place of religion in society, has released a report entitled ‘Making multiculturalism work: enabling practical action across deep difference’. The report, authored by David Barclay, responds to the widespread rejection of state multiculturalism and advocates a new approach to living together, “grounded not in theory but in practice” using localised ‘political friendships’ through which people learn to live and work together.

The report looks at the Near Neighbours programme, alongside community organising, as an example of how ordinary relationships across religious and cultural difference are the key to achieving a truly multicultural society. It is through working side by side and pursuing common goals rather than through abstract national values that true multiculturalism will be achieved.

The full report can be found on the Theos website »

Author: Jeremy Aspinall

Date: 25 July 2013