Partnering with England's Schools

Partnering with England's Schools

A blog by Tim Burton-Jones - Fundraising and Communications Officer

For the last three years, CUF has been receiving fantastic support from the Bishop Wand School in Upper Halliford.

Throughout this time, they have put on some amazing events to help raise money for those who need it most. From talent shows, to colour fun runs, and the standard mufti day, their creativity and generosity has been wonderful!

We’ve had the joy of coming to so many of these events and this Pancake Day, myself and Trudy made the journey down to the school to make pancakes for the students.

Joined by a few leaders of local churches and the odd school governor, we found ourselves stood, spatula in hands, over makeshift hobs with little frying pans and bottles of pancake batter at the ready!

As I hadn’t made pancakes for a year (it’s a bit like tennis and Wimbledon, a sort of yearly thing and you kind of forget how it works in the interim) I was feeling slightly nervous but was reassured by the old adage that, ‘the first one is always a write off’.

Four pancakes later and with some assistance from the head boy looking to prepare his cooking skills before heading to university, we finally had one that wasn’t a write off!

Trudy, however, was a natural and was cracking them out for the enormous queue of children keen to get eating!

We also had a small platoon of eager students from the school who were running about helping the chefs get pancakes from pans to plates and school staff who were helping to run the show all round.

To everybody who was involved in the Pancake Day events (students, staff, and willing chefs) and everything else that has taken place at the school to raise money for CUF, we’d like to thank you from the bottom of our hearts, the work you’re doing is excellent!

If you think all of this sounds and looks like a lot of fun and you’d like to get your school involved, then please do get in touch, we’d love to work with you!

You can get in touch via email: or phone: 0207 898 1452

Author: Jeremy Aspinall

Date: 10 February 2016