Profiles: Kim Greig

Profiles: Kim Greig

Who are you/what do you do for Near Neighbours?

Hi, I am Kim Greig, a previous overseas worker, an intercultural trainer and the Near Neighbours coordinator for the Luton Hub. I oversee the Near Neighbours programme in Luton and I work from the Grassroots office. Grassroots is the local Near Neighbours partner and is an ecumenical Christian programme of community engagement.



Why do you love working for Near Neighbours?

The ethos of Near Neighbours is something I respect and hold of great value in community work. Bringing people of different faiths and ethnicities together to create new and engaging initiatives is exciting; it means that people can take action for themselves in times that are difficult. Allowing community members the chance to take (social) action and to make a change to their neighbourhoods is something I believe strongly about and why I love working for Near Neighbours.


I also love working with our national partners and being a part of other initiatives like Catalyst Youth leadership programme and The Nehemiah Foundation, which both allow me to use my skills and experience in supporting the successful delivery of these projects.



What is your favourite memory from working at Near Neighbours?

I am so lucky because I get to work with lots of wonderful, inspiring people in Luton on a daily basis and outside of Luton with our national partners, too. I am privileged to be invited to so many Near Neighbours events to eat great food and have deep and meaningful conversations.


Recently I participated in the Celebrating Differences-Staying Faithful, a talk at St Martin De Porres Catholic church which had a guest speaker from the Hindu Faith, the church hall was packed with over 70 people all interested to hear from the Hindu gentleman from the neighbouring Mandir, at the end of the event, the invite offer was reciprocated by the Mandir and the participants were thrilled with the invite-I look forward to attending!



What are your hopes for Near Neighbours?

I hope that Near Neighbours initiatives have encouraged and empowered individuals and groups, enabled opportunities to flourish and supported initiatives to achieve. It would be great to see Near Neighbours continue, and give further chances to community groups but if not then I hope the impact near neighbours has made is sustainable. I hope that the friendships made are maintained and that the learning is shared.



Do you think Near Neighbours is making an impact, if so, in what way?

In my opinion Near Neighbours is definitely making an impact. It creates involvement, it makes people think about their community and neighbours, it reaches varying community groups of Faith, Ethnicity and Culture, and encourages a sharing and participation of different beliefs therefore being inclusive.


Certainly for Luton being a smaller area than some of the other Near Neighbours areas the Near Neighbours name is now well-known and people are aware of the opportunities it offers.

Author: Mr Tim Burton-Jones

Date: 29 May 2015