Project Leaders and the Money Matters Conference

Project Leaders and the Money Matters Conference

The Money Matters Conference is in November and we're looking at how the conference can help resource, equip and empower you in your area of work.

Many people work or volunteer in community banks, lead debt advice and budgeting courses, and other projects working to help people manage their finances. This type of work requires a strong commitment to the well- being of clients, putting their needs and wants first, whilst also ensuring that the best advice for each situation is provided. Such work is vital for helping to build stronger, more  resilient communities. 

Keith Berry, Together Canterbury Development Worker, works tirelessly to help people struggling financially get out of debt:

I can think of many examples across the diocese where people have been in difficulty and through a community hub or in their local church they have found a way out of it, they found a path, some hope, and at the end of it some joy

The Money Matters National Conference will help Keith gain new skills and understanding of the financial system in our rapidly changing society. 

Money Matters National Conference 

At the Money Matters National Conference why not sign up for the 'campaigning for justice in the finance system' seminar, and hear from three organisations campaigning to change aspects of our financial system. 

There will also be a seminar to explore different models of building long term financial capability in our communities. 

Hearing from Sir Hector Sants, Chair of the Arhbishop of Canterbury's Task Group on Responsible Credit and Savings and the Chair of StepChange Debt Charity, will give project and community leaders the extra tools and skills needed to tackle the issues of financial exclusion being faced by many people in their communities. 

Sign up to the Money Matters National Conference here.


Author: Lynsey Robinson

Date: 12 August 2015