Stories of Transformation: Toby

Stories of Transformation: Toby

At the age of 39, Toby found myself homeless.

After cold, unsafe nights on the street, someone told Toby about the Ace of Clubs – a church-based project in south London supported by Church Urban Fund.

‘First thing the staff did was make sure I got a hot meal and a piping mug of tea,’ says Toby.

‘From there they’ve helped me generously and relentlessly. Ace of Clubs found me a safe place to sleep and pointed me in the path of help towards my addictions and set up the connections to work on this problem. And really, more than anything else, they just cared. You can sense that in your stomach, whether someone actually gives a toss about you.’

‘I got clean in a rehab by the coast. I came back to say hi and thank you, and they didn’t recognise me at first! Then they were over the moon to see that I had changed.’

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Author: Lynsey Robinson

Date: 13 October 2015