What happened in our Sept board meeting?

What happened in our Sept board meeting?

Refugees and Asylum Seekers - Hannah and Liam are researching what churches and other organisations are doing in Nottingham and looking at how we can help to co-ordinate efforts.

Mansfield Cold Weather Night Shelter - Plans are continuing apace for this year's shelter.  It will be open at weekends from Friday 4th December to Sunday 28th February at the Baptist Church and, if needed, during the week, at Tideswell Court, Mansfield.  Please let Hannah know if you are interested in volunteering or your church/organisation would like one of our volunteers or Hannah to come and talk with you about what is involved.  

Networking - Hannah and Liam are hosting Nottingham's Faith Action Network's Away Day in October at which the group will look at it's future objectives and building relationships.  8 different groups contributed to our first Food Networking meeting in Nottingham, sharing information, getting to know each other and looking at how they can complement each other's provision.  Anne-Marie is continuing to support the work of Advice Nottingham and other financial inclusion groups linking in church based centres.  We are also beginning to work with churches on Know Your Church, Know Your Neighbourhood.

Basic Budgeting Courses - Anne-Marie's stall offering 'snippets' of our BBC at Oak Tree Lane Community Week of Action, Mansfield, attracted interest from residents and children.

Author: Mrs Hannah Buck

Date: 28 September 2015