Wolverhampton stands together

Wolverhampton stands together

Over the weekend 27 – 30 Nov a banner of unity will travel to places of worship in Wolverhampton as a sign of unity and peace. Relatives of the IS victims Alan Haines and David Henning have galvinised the residents of this town to respond to their deaths, not through anger or hatred, but through an act of peace and unity. The banner will act to show that such terrible acts should not divide us. Let’s show we stand together!

The banner of unity will be going round places of worship of all the main faiths in the city. On the Sunday evening it will be presented to the Mayor as a pledge to the city of the peace and unity of all faiths.

You are invited to join this event on:

Sunday 30th November, 4-30 to 5-00 p.m at Queen Square, Wolverhampton

Author: Andrew Mathews

Date: 24 November 2014