About us

About us

Together we can tackle poverty in Durham

Communities Together Durham is working to bring churches and Christians together to tackle poverty in the Diocese of Durham. Our aim is to support church based community projects that build deep and meaningful relationships enabling the community and the church to flourish. We work across the diocese, including areas of notable deprivation such as parts of Middlesbrough in the south and Tyne and Wear in the North.

"Poverty; economic, social and spiritual, is a scourge, whether it is here in the North East, or in Lesotho, Burundi or Romania. It has to be confronted and tackled. But this has to be done by all sectors of society working together. The Church has a key part to play in this and we must play it to the full" - Bishop Paul

We believe the local church is uniquely placed to respond to local issues. Starting with the assets of the churches and people in Durham Diocese, we seek to work with partners for the common good.

What is poverty?

Poverty is a very real phenomenon in England. Around 13 million people, including 3.5 million children, are estimated to be living in poverty. Yet poverty is not just about income. It is a complex experience that impacts every aspect of people’s lives.

Church Urban Fund understands poverty as falling into three linked categories; Poverty of resources, Poverty of relationships and Poverty of identity. These issues are complex and closely interlinked, trapping individuals and whole communities in what we call the ‘Web of Poverty’.

Picture: Keith Blundy | AegiesPR