Grant management

Grant management

Activating your Together Grant

If your grant application is successful, we will send you documentation including several important things:

  • Details of your grant
  • The legal agreement made between Church Urban Fund and yourself
  • Grant agreement declaration form (This needs to be returned to CUF to complete the agreement and arrange payment)
  • A copy of the questions for our Monitoring and Evaluation

Once you have received this we require you to return the following documents to CUF so we can make payment of your grant:

  • Signed and completed grant agreement declaration form
  • A copy of the most recent bank statement for the account payment will be made into
  • Employment contract/ invoices (if relevant)
  • If immediate payment is requested, a cover letter to explain why

An example copy of our standard Grant Agreement can be found here.


Monitoring and Evaluation

Six months after the award of your grant we will send you a request to complete a monitoring and evaluation form. This will help both CUF improve our grant making, but also help you to reflect and assess the success of your project. This will be sent by email as a link to an online form.

If you have not completed the CUF-funded element of your project when you receive this request please contact us. It will be likely that you are able to do this at a later date, when your work is complete. Please note however that completion of this form is a requirement; failure to engage in this process may be taken into consideration in the event that we receive a future application from your organisation or associated groups.

A copy of the questions on our monitoring and evaluation form can be found here.