How we can help

How we can help

Wellsprings Together Bradford supports initiatives addressing a wide range of issues related to poverty and social justice, including worklessness and life skills; child poverty; or asylum seekers and refugees.

Wellsprings Together Bradford is involved in:

1: Developing and supporting projects, programmes, and networks through partnerships to tackle poverty and related issues locally. Wellsprings Together Bradford are providing support to those working in the Bradford District, whether an existing project or a new group seeking to respond to local need. We aim to improve access to resources, information and expertise, and are building up local networks, offering support and advice, drawing people together to learn and collaborate, helping to source funding, and providing shared access to training, resources and volunteers.

2: Awareness raising and advocacy through organising events and gatherings. Wellsprings Together Bradford are also playing an active part in the Church Urban Fund Together Network’s national network, raising awareness of issues and sharing good practice.

3: Mobilising resources such as time, money, action and prayer to address the effect of poverty. This includes fundraising with Church Urban Fund and local partners.


Get in touch

If you want to get in touch, our Development Worker Liz Firth would love to hear from you.


Liz Firth: Tel: 07876 794 453 / Email: