Local Poverty in Cornwall

Local Poverty in Cornwall

Transformation Cornwall’s work is based in the area covered by Diocese of Truro. This area is faced by a number of key issues of poverty and is home to communities of notable deprivation.

The most significant poverty-related issue in this area is child poverty. Did you know that 17% of children in Cornwall are living in poverty related conditions?

That’s not all. The diocese also suffers from disproportionately high levels of pensioner poverty and working age poverty, standing at 14% and 10% respectively.

However, many issues of poverty are focused in specific local areas. The parish of Penzance, St John the Baptist has a child poverty rate of 30%, this highest in the diocese and over the national average of 21%.

Penwerris is another area of need. In this parish pensioner poverty stands at 30%. Notably higher than the national average.

These are just a handful of the issues facing the Diocese of Truro. We are committed to doing all we can to help churches and Christians in this area respond to such needs and the many others local people face.

Full details of poverty in the Diocese of Truro can be found on the research pages of the Church Urban Fund website http://www.cuf.org.uk/how-we-help/research/diocesan-poverty-briefings