2 Shires Credit Union

2 Shires Credit Union is a not for profit financial co-operative who provide a safe place for people to save money and ethical and affordable loans. We are a real alternative to door step lenders and pay day loans.
Types of volunteers needed: 
We presently have 4 volunteering opportunities:- 1) Serving our members and potential members in our Community branches in Harworth & Retford 2) Serving our members and potential members in our main office in Worksop 3) As a member of our Board 4) Promoting our services as a Community Champion
Location or area: 
Contact’s telephone number: 
01909 500575

Web of Poverty

March 2014

Definitions matter. The way in which we choose to define a problem influences the solution we offer and therefore shapes our engagement with the world around us. For example, if definitions of poverty focus exclusively on a lack of income, we may come to believe that the solution is simply to give people more money.

Our Trustees

Transforming Notts Together is a registered charity (Number 1152870) and a registered company (Number 8399842).

It is managed and run locally, with Trustees and Advisers from a variety of church traditions and experts from strategic partnerships and local government in the region. 

Money Speaks Louder than Words

January 2014

The Church of England is well-placed to make a powerful and effective contribution to the growth of the credit union sector. If a substantial proportion of the 1.7 million regular church attendees were to join a credit union – investing some of their savings or taking out small loans - the sector could well achieve its goal of growing from one to two million members. 

Hungry For More

How churches can address the root causes of food poverty
September 2013

The extraordinarily high number of people turning to food banks to make ends meet has brought a great deal of media and policy attention to the issue of food poverty.