Harvest Resources

Harvest celebrations may be far from your thoughts right now but we just want to let you know that Church Urban Fund resources for Harvest will be available on our website from 15th August.

Harvest means different things in different congregations. Whether you are in a rural parish, with the fruits of the earth all around you, or in the city or suburbs, for all of us it can be a time to reflect on the food we receive as gifts of God. A time, too, to think about sharing with those in need.

New Economics Foundation (NEF) Report

In May the New Economic Foundation released its Interim Report for the Near Neighbours Programme. This report was based of data collected during the summer of the programmes second year, taken from a combination of questionnaires and semi-structured interviews.  Its findings show that “at this interim stage we can see reliable quantitative indicators of the enhanced commitment to neighbourhood improvement, and self-belief, among those who populate the growing [Near Neighbours] network.

Making Multiculturalism Work

The think-tank Theos, which works to inform the debate about the place of religion in society, has released a report entitled ‘Making multiculturalism work: enabling practical action across deep difference’. The report, authored by David Barclay, responds to the widespread rejection of state multiculturalism and advocates a new approach to living together, “grounded not in theory but in practice” using localised ‘political friendships’ through which people learn to live and work together.

Together for the Common Good Conference, 6-8 September

T4CG is a national project looking at how different Christian traditions and other faith communities can work better together for social justice. The conference has an emphasis on delegate participation and speakers include Archbishop Bernard Longley, Dr Anna Rowlands, Revd Ruth Gee, Lord Maurice Glasman, Bernadette Farrell, Dame Mary Tanner, Frank Field MP and Phillip Blond, among others. Whilst having a Christian emphasis this conference is also interested in the work of inter-faith initiatives and would thus be of interest to those engaging with the Near Neighbours programme.

Poverty in Numbers 2013

July 2013

Church Urban Fund has developed an online tool that provides information on a range of poverty-related indicators at the parish level. Entering your postcode in to this tool allows you to see where your parish ranks, nationally or within the diocese, on ten different indicators including child poverty, pensioner poverty and life expectancy.

Originally launched in May 2012, this tool has recently been updated, incorporating 2011 Census data and other more recent data sets.