The Volunteering Gap

Regional variations in volunteering in England

November 2012

The 2012 Olympics placed the role of volunteering firmly in the public spotlight. In contrast, however, many community groups and local projects struggle to attract volunteers to support their work, particulary where this involves helping people in need.

Submerging Church?

Supporting faith-based community work in deprived areas

July 2012

Leading a church or running a community group in a deprived area is very challenging, as well as rewarding. At Church Urban Fund, we are committed to supporting those who serve these communities, as they live and work alongside some of the poorest and most marginalised people in England.

Poverty in Numbers 2012

Online lookup tool for parishes in England

May 2012

A new online tool, developed by Church Urban Fund with assistance from the Church of England’s Research and Statistics division, provides easy access to information on a range of poverty-related indicators for parishes in England. Indicators include poverty rates (for children, working age adults, and pensioners), life expectancy, lack of qualifications, lone parenthood, and social housing, as well as descriptive statistics on ethnic diversity and older population size.

Tackling Poverty 2012

A report on Church Urban Fund's annual conference

May 2012

Church Urban Fund’s annual Tackling Poverty conference - held at the St George’s Centre in Leeds - brought together nearly 300 church leaders and Christian workers from England’s most deprived communities as part of a growing movement of Christians tackling poverty in this country.

I am one in a million

March 2012

Youth unemployment is at a record high, affecting over one million young people in the UK. It is a particular problem in the most deprived areas of England, where the unemployment rate among 16-24 years is over 30%. Academic studies have shown that extended spells of unemployment have harmful effects on young people’s future prospects that persist for at least 20 years, as well as being a huge waste of talent and productivity.

Growing church through social action

A national survey of church-based action to tackle poverty

February 2012

There is a hypothesis that when a church looks outward - actively loving and serving its neighbours, especially the 'least of these' - then the church will be healthier and will grow.

Comissioned by Church Urban Fund and conducted by Christian Research Consultancy, the aim of this research is to explore the impact that social growth has on churches, as well as on the communities they serve. How does active engagement in the community help to stimulate church 'growth'?

Poverty and Fresh Expressions

A study of emerging forms of church in deprived communities

February 2012

What are the issues do fresh expressions of churches face in communities of extreme poverty?

Working in deprived areas, many Christians have often tried to set up initiatives and projects that support people materially and also seek to connect people to God and the wider church.

Bias to the poor?

A study of Christian attitudes to poverty in this country

January 2012

One of the challenges of tackling poverty in England is to raise awareness of its existence and increase understanding of what it means to be poor in an economically developed country like ours.

Power, Poverty and the Church

January 2012

How can we build a movement of Christians committed to tackling poverty in this country? And how can we help churches to engage more effectively with those in power?

Organised jointly by Church Urban Fund, Church Action on Poverty and St John’s Waterloo, this workshop brought together church leaders, activists and anti-poverty charities from across denominations to begin to address these questions.

Holding on by a shoestring

Tracking the impact of the cuts on voluntary groups in England's most deprived areas

November 2011

Voluntary groups have a vital role to play in supporting some of the poorest and most marginalised people in our society, no more than in the current economic climate when many people are suffering the effects of rising unemployment, higher living costs and cuts in local services.