Tackling homelessness together

A study of nine faith-based housing projects

October 2011

Church-based voluntary projects are reaching out effectively to many thousands of people suffering homelessness and other related problems up and down the country.

This new report summarises the results of a study carried out by Church Urban Fund and Housing Justice to understand how churches are responding to housing-related issues in their communities and how more might be done to make a bigger impact.

Life Expectancy Wirral

How churches are tackling local inequality

September 2011

Life expectancy varies by up to 11 years across the five-mile wide Wirral peninsula - a pattern that is mirrored in many other parts of the country.

At the Cutting Edge

A Survey of the Impact of the Spending Cuts

March 2011

This report summarises the results of a special survey carried out by Church Urban Fund and Church Action on Poverty to monitor the impact of the public spending cuts on voluntary groups in the most deprived areas of England.

Working Well in a Multi-faith Community

May 2010

St Christopher's Church is based in predominantly Muslim area in Birmingham. Over the last few years, it has worked with the mosque across the road and the local council and recently opened the Springfield Children's Centre. The church has been able to engage positively and effectively without losing its Christian distinctiveness.

Find out the lessons learnt from the CUF case study "Let's Get On":

Churches in Action

July 2009

Case studies of ‘Church in Action’ presented in this report evidence the breadth of activity undertaken by churches and church-based organisations in addressing deprivation and disadvantage in the local communities that they serve.

The six projects showcased (see below) have benefited from a variety of support from Church Urban Fund, including funding towards the costs of building work or salaries, and practical advice and information.

Believing in Local Action

June 2008

This study aims to identify the benefits of successful partnership working between third sector local infrastructure organisations (LIOs) and local faith communities. It also offers some good practice points, which can be considered and adapted in the light of local circumstances. It provides material which will be of particular use to local infrastructure organisations, as well as faith organisations and networks.