Nottingham Arimathea Trust

Location or area: 

What we do

Provides housing and support for destitute asylum seekers and refugees. Sometimes asylum seekers find themselves stuck in a limbo when they are denied the right to live and work in the UK but at the same time it is impossible for them to return to their country of origin. We provide support to these people by providing a roof over their heads and helping them to submit a fresh claim for asylum.
Types of volunteers needed: 
We are looking for mentors and befrienders who can meet up with our residents on a regular basis to give them moral support, English conversation practice, and social interaction. We are also looking for volunteers to act as Destitution Ambassadors who will raise awareness in the local community about refugee and asylum issues, showing people how they can support those who have come to this country seeking sanctuary.

Types of activities and who we help

Refugees/Asylum Seekers