Safe Families for Children

Location or area: 
Birmingham, Wolverhampton, Sandwell, Dudley, Walsall, Solihull

What we do

We are a Christian charity with the aims of stabilising families at times of crisis, preventing child neglect and abuse, and reducing the number of children voluntarily given into the care system. We aim to bring families out of isolation and into community.
Types of volunteers needed: 
We are recruiting volunteers for various roles, to fit with your life experience, passion and availability: Family Friends offer encouragement and friendship support to the family. Host Friends offer short stays for the children (primarily aged 10 and under) – from a couple of nights to a couple of weeks respite. Family Coaches add expertise in managing what the family need (in collaboration with our Family Support Manager) Church Co-ordinators (who hold volunteers together in a Church/cluster of Churches). See facebook: Safe Families for Children West Mids for upcoming information evenings or training days.

Types of activities and who we help

Children (under 11)
Providing resources (e.g. food, furniture)