Together Lancashire

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What we do

We support and build networks for church linked projects across Lancashire.
Types of volunteers needed: 
Together Lancashire review of online resources: We are looking for a placement of a student or volunteer to document our online practices. Much of the networking of together Lancashire depends on online communication. We maintain a website under the church urban fund web domain. Together Lancashire has a website, social media groups, a blog and numerous Google email groups. We also manage and maintain websites for other groups. However, these resources are extremely vulnerable were we to lose the services of key staff who have the skills, a vast amount of knowledge about the system in their heads and do most of the work maintaining this information resource. We believe it is important for our long-term strategy to fully document what we have and how we do it, so that anyone who takes up a post with Together Lancashire can continue to use and develop the work that we have done. We need someone to produce a manual about online practice but do not have the time to do that ourselves (without elves). We would therefore like to identify and recruit a volunteer, intern or student on placement. They would need to have a high level of social media and online skills to review our online strategy and to produce a clear and simple guidance manual. We would estimate there is the equivalent of 1 months full-time work to carry out this task although it will probably be better to spread this work over three to four months. It would involve one or two meetings at the beginning to scope out the task and another meeting at the end to review it. In the interim the volunteer good work flexibly in terms of hours and location providing they had a good online connection and computer, and they kept in touch and reported regularly on progress.

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Providing resources (e.g. food, furniture)