A Call for Research Participants

A Call for Research Participants

Church Urban Fund is looking for projects to participate in our research about how churches help to build health and well-being. If your project meets the criteria below and you're interested in taking part please get in touch. Thank you.


As social beings, humans derive a substantial part of their personal identity through their membership of various groups, for example, a football team, a school, a book club, a gardening group etc. When these groups give our lives meaning, purpose and value they become an important part of who we are, influencing our thoughts, feelings and behaviour. Research shows that the higher the number of groups we belong to, and the more strongly we identify with these groups, the more robust our physical and mental health.

Research Objective

Through this joint research project with the University of Queensland, we aim to explore how churches, through the activities they offer or facilitate, can help people to build the number and strength of their social identities and therefore their health and well-being. 

Would you like to be involved?

We are looking for activities that meet the following criteria:

  • Are either run by churches or church-based organisations OR are run by a community group and held in a church building
  • Are group based and include 5 or more people e.g. a social lunch club, a knitting/craft club, a choir, a sports group, a gardening group
  • Groups that meet regularly, at least fortnightly, over an extended period
  • Groups that include newcomers (so we can track the impact of joining the group)

Taking part would involve group members filling out three surveys: one at the beginning, middle and end of the activity group. These surveys could be completed online or on paper, depending on which would be most appropriate to your context. Each survey would take about 10-15 minutes to complete.

Please get in touch

If you are interested in taking part in this research project or would like to find out more please contact Bethany Eckley, Director of Research and Policy at Church Urban Fund on Bethany.eckley@cuf.org.uk / 020 7898 1141.