Diocesan Poverty Briefings

Diocesan Poverty Briefings

Church Urban Fund has produced a poverty briefing for each Diocese, using parish data to provide aggregate statistics on ten poverty-related indicators.

Each briefing includes a map showing the distribution of deprivation across the diocese (see right for an example from Southwark Diocese).

Our hope is that these statistics will help to further inform Diocesan offices about the contexts in which they work and the particular issues faced by communities in their region. Please do share this information with others in your Diocese to encourage discussion and reflection about your area.

We have also produced this Poverty in England paper which pulls together statistics for all Dioceses.

In thinking about and responding to poverty in your area, you may find it helpful to refer to our Web of Poverty report.


Bath and Wells Diocese poverty briefing

Birmingham Diocese poverty briefing

Blackburn Diocese poverty briefing

Bristol Diocese poverty briefing

Canterbury Diocese poverty briefing

Carlisle Diocese poverty briefing

Chelmsford Diocese poverty briefing

Chester Diocese poverty briefing

Chichester Diocese poverty briefing

Coventry Diocese poverty briefing

Derby Diocese poverty briefing

Durham Diocese poverty briefing

Ely Diocese poverty briefing

Exeter Diocese poverty briefing

Gloucester Diocese poverty briefing

Guildford Diocese poverty briefing

Hereford Diocese poverty briefing

Leicester Diocese poverty briefing

Lichfield Diocese poverty briefing

Lincoln Diocese poverty briefing

Liverpool Diocese poverty briefing

London Diocese poverty briefing

Manchester Diocese poverty briefing

Newcastle Diocese poverty briefing

Norwich Diocese poverty briefing

Oxford Diocese poverty briefing

Peterborough Diocese poverty briefing

Portsmouth Diocese poverty briefing

Rochester Diocese poverty briefing

Salisbury Diocese poverty briefing

Sheffield Diocese poverty briefing

Southwark Diocese poverty briefing

Southwell and Nottingham Diocese poverty briefing

St. Albans Diocese poverty briefing

St. Edmundsbury and Ipswich Diocese poverty briefing

Truro Diocese poverty briefing

West Yorkshire and the Dales Diocese poverty briefing

Winchester Diocese poverty briefing

Worcester Diocese poverty briefing

York Diocese poverty briefing