Good Neighbours

Good Neighbours

Good Neighbours: How churches help communities flourish

In this new piece of research, Church Urban Fund and Theos set out to understand the impact of local churches in deprived communities in England. We sought to explore what churches do to support people in their communities, and also how and why they do it.

This research project is a ‘critical appreciation’ of what churches offer their communities – it argues that church-based activities offer both breadth of national reach and depth. It shows that:

  • The Church in England reaches approximately 10 million people each year through its community activities, even excluding ‘familiar’ church activities – Sunday services, Christmas, Easter, Harvest, baptisms, weddings, and funerals.
  • Churches reach people in a uniquely relational way, building platforms for neighbourliness and relationships to grow.

Download the full report or the executive summary to read more. 



Paul Bickley, Theos
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