Tackling Poverty in England: an asset-based approach

Tackling Poverty in England: an asset-based approach

October 2013

This paper introduces the concept of asset-based community development (ACBD) - a particular approach to development that uses the skills and capacities of local people to build stronger, more sustainable communities. 

ABCD is founded on three key principles: 

  1. That every single individual, regardless of where they live or how much they earn, has something to offer others.
  2. That flourishing communities cannot be built from the top down, or the outside in, but only from the ‘inside out’.
  3. That relationships are absolutely key to making change happen.

In this paper we examine these principles and explore how this approach can be used by churches to bring about significant transformation in deprived communities. This paper is offered as a resource to support and encourage churches as they think about how to engage with and bring about change in their local communities.

Although not an explicitly Christian methodology, the core values and methods of asset-based community development resonate deeply with Christian theology and practice. See here for a Theological Reflection on ABCD.


Bethany Eckley
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