Know your church, know your neighbourhood

Know your church, know your neighbourhood

Know your church, know your neighbourhood (KYCKYN) is a facilitated process designed to help churches in the diocese of Birmingham to think about themselves in relation to the wider community they seek to serve, and make prayerful and informed decisions about their mission in their local community.

The process gives a small group of church members the tools to reflect on how their church is seen by others, to listen to the wider community, celebrate it’s strengths and have a deeper understanding of its needs. Sharing back their findings to the wider congregation, the church is then able to make prayerful and intentional decisions about how it wants to respond.

The process is adaptable to the needs of the church and the neighbourhood, it can be tailored but it usually consists of seven sessions of two hours over a six-month period, and has some tasks for the group to do in between. The process usually includes the following core areas:

Developing a big picture vision of what a flourishing neighbourhood might look like and how God might be seen in it.

Understanding the church
Collecting church information, thinking about what the church looks and feels like to others, and looking at how the church currently connects with the wider community.

Learning about the local neighbourhood
Looking at what statistics say about the neighbourhood, and listening to local people and organisations about what they see as the key issues in the area.

Considering how the church can respond
Prayerfully reflecting on what you have found out and develop an action plan that includes:

  • The local issues you want to explore further?
  • The local organisations you want to develop stronger relationships with?

If you think that KYCKYN might be suitable for your church, or if you'd like more information, please contact us or call us on 0121 426 0442