Our Aims and Objectives

Our Aims and Objectives

Our Aims

Our aims are to tackle poverty in the Liverpool Diocesan Area by being committed to:

  • help individual churches to have a greater and more sustainable impact in tackling poverty in their community through stressing the Biblical imperative  to be engaged in social justice practice and theology in person and through literature and media involvement
  • organise, develop and establish Together Liverpool as a vehicle offering targeted support for identified church and community related projects working in key thematic  and geographical areas
  • nurture networking and connecting between project practitioners, key third sector infrastructure bodies, local statutory services, and other voluntary/community/faith organisations to provoke collaboration, maximise resources and develop effective dialogue and open communications with other sectors

Our Objectives

Our objectives are as follows:

  • help to enable churches to make a greater contribution to the social and spiritual transformation of communities in the whole of our diocesan area;
  • support churches and faith-based organisations’ response to poverty and marginalisation – through training,  development work and networking to key sources of funding and other specialist support
  • help to enable churches to challenge, influence and shape social economic policy where necessary
  • raise the profile of faith-inspired social and community action which can be overlooked as it is often self supporting, self sustaining and volunteer-led

Our Trustees

Our trustees provide governance and help to ensure that we meet our aims and objectives. Membership of our board of trustees is as follows:

  • Hilary Russell – chair
  • Paul Hackwood – Chair of CUF – national perspective
  • Ultan Russell – Company Secretary & Diocesan line management
  • Cynthia Dowdle - Pastoral support/Cathedral Link
  • Angela White – VCFS link
  • Jenny Baker- CUF Line management
  • Roger Driver- Clergy/Ministers link and advisor
  • Justin Hill – St. Helens and Young People’s issues

We are seeking one other appropriate trustee to complete our Board Structure.