How we can work with you

How we can work with you

"Conversation is the natural way we humans think together."

(Turning to One Another – Margaret Wheatley)

Often, ideas of what you would like to do come from a conversation, and then you find you need some help to make it happen!   TOGETHER Newcastle can help in a variety of ways, for example:

  • Working with you to develop your ideas, being a listening ear – a sounding board
  • Arranging and organising meetings
  • Making plans – thinking about what you need to do, helping to make your idea manageable/achievable
  • Training for volunteers
  • Looking for funding and completing funding applications
  • Finding other people and organisations to work with you.

TOGETHER Newcastle can also work with you to raise awareness of poverty and issues of concern in your community.  We can:

  • Speak to your congregation or group about Poverty and what you and others can do to tackle poverty
  • Run a discussion group to help understand more about welfare reform and the likely impact on individuals and families. 

There are many ways in which Together Newcastle can help so please get in touch by calling 07791369625 or email