About Us

About Us

Together we can tackle poverty in Southwark

Together Southwark is working to bring churches and Christians together to tackle poverty in the Diocese of Southwark, covering south London and parts of Surrey. Our vision is to network, resource and develop the Christian response to poverty, to transform the lives of the poorest and most marginalised people in our area.

We focus on identifying ways of working that empowers the poorest individuals and families in the parishes. We want to ensure that they are able to build stable and healthy lifestyles that overcome the debilitating effects of poverty.

Together Southwark has several key objectives. We aim to:

  • Network local Christians and churches who are working to tackle poverty
  • Improve access to learning and resources, including financial support for projects 
  • Develop new or existing work to tackle poverty
  • Raise awareness of local poverty and work that is being undertaken across the diocese 

We are passionate about bringing God’s love, hope and justice to the poor and the marginalised, empowering them to transform their lives. We believe the local church is uniquely placed to make this happen and thus seek to support them reach even further and change things for the better.

The work of Together Southwark is underpinned by the gospel imperative of working with the poor to build a just and righteous society where every individual is empowered to reach the highest level of personal fulfilment.

Together Southwark is a partnership between the Anglican Diocese of Southwark and Church Urban Fund. We promote mission, ministry and practical action to tackle poverty across South London and East Surrey.