Funding Local Projects

Funding Local Projects

Our partners Church Urban Fund (CUF)provide financial assistance where it is needed most – last year to the tune of £1.5 million!

We are helping projects in the area to receive funding.

The Together Grant programme is run by Church Urban Fund and provides small grants of up to £5,000 for churches and other faith groups to engage in social action, by supporting them to initiate or develop community work.

The programme has the following criteria:

  • Tackling poverty: The activity must be directly tackling poverty. We favour activities that are working directly with people in need.

  • Christian faith basis: The lead applicant should be a church or organisation with a Christian foundation.

  • Working in partnership: Applicants need to be working in partnership with at least one other church or organisation. This partnering organisation does not need to be Christian.

  • Local community focus: The activity needs to be based in the local community and to have local community involvement in identifying needs, initiating responses and running the project.

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CUF also produce Grants Guidance notes, which explain in detail their criteria (including things that they won’t fund). 

* Full details can be found on the CUF website


Maximum Grant Size: £5,000

The main aim of this fund is to tackle poverty.

•    Applications will be considered by projects that aim to tackle urban or rural poverty.
•    The focus of the fund is on community activities.
•    This fund is for new work, or the expansion of existing work.
•    Applications will also be considered for feasibility studies and pilot schemes.
•    The fund will accept applications from any Christian denomination, or none.
•    Activities must take place within an area of the top 15% of Deprivation, using the IMD Scales as a point of reference. (Please ask for clarification if you are unsure if your application is eligible, before filling in the form).
•    Projects addressing the specific issues of education, crime, unemployment, access to services etc. may also be submitted for consideration, without relevant IMD scores but must have other supporting statistical evidence.
•    Applications will be considered for contributions to Salaries or Sessional workers, running costs and Capital Expenditure.  However please note the criteria of new work, above.

This fund will not support:
•    Ongoing work.
•    Work that is mainly for the benefit of Church congregations.
•    Evangelism (Please apply to The Growth Fund).
•    Applications for more than one year’s support.

An Application Form can be requested from Mrs Jean Overton:

T: 01543 306 059


Click here to download our Summary Sheet