The Basic Budgeting Course

The Basic Budgeting Course

Transforming Notts Together delivers a range of different activities that seek to directly tackle poverty within our communities. These can be used bu churches, other faith groups, charities and other organisations.


This course offers some introductory training around basic budgeting skills, and has been developed in partnership with Trent Vineyard. It’s run as an informal and fun group activity in two sessions each of two hours. It’s accessible to a wide range of people and aims to be basic introductory courses, to help empower and equip.

We also run this course as a ‘Training the Trainers’ course for people who would like to go on and deliver the course, (or use some of the tools from the course), with their own congregations, clients or service users.



* The course free of charge for churches and small community and voluntary sector organisations.

* To help to cover our costs and be more sustainable for the long term, we ask for a donation from larger charities, businesses or local government

Other Info:

The budgeting course can be run for a couple of individuals or for larger groups of up to 10 to 12 people. The content can also be adapted to the location and particular service areas of interest. To date the audience for the course has been a real mix, particularly churches, but also public sector services, schools and voluntary sector organisations.


More information?

If you think this course might be useful in your area please contact our Development Worker Anne-Marie Ainger:


Phone: 07921 387 797