How we tackle poverty

How we tackle poverty

By working together, we can transform the lives of the poorest and most marginalised in Nottinghamshire. We started by targeting the areas of most need, concentrating on the Mansfield and Nottingham. Recently, we have also started working in Bassetlaw and are open to working in other areas where there is poverty or isolation.

Poverty is such a massive problem that it needs everyone working together to defeat it. 

We therefore work with all groups in our community to tackle poverty, including:

  • Churches
  • Other faith groups
  • Charities
  • Statutory bodies
  • Businesses 

Our key priorities are:

What have we being doing?

We partner with a number of churches, charities and councils to set up activities that tackle poverty locally.

Our 2014 Annual report gives lots of examples. Why not click to find out more?

Our work currently includes:

Basci Budgeting Courses


Visit our courses page for more details.

Night Shelters

Along with colleagues at Mansfield Baptist Church, Home Group and Mansfield District Council, TNT runs the Mansfield Cold Weather Shelter.

For more information on this important project, download their report here.

For more information, please visit

Debt Advice

Working alongside churches in Mansfield and Nottingham to help set up free debt advice eg Free Debt Advice Mansfield




More Information

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