Poverty in Notts

Poverty in Notts

What is the level of poverty in Notts?    

Despite the best efforts of local government, charities, churches and other faith groups, poverty levels in Notts are high:

Our region has a mix of rural and urban areas, and poverty can be found in both of these areas. As a starting point, Transforming Notts Together originally targeted the areas of most need, concentrating on Mansfield and Nottingham. However, we are now open to working in other areas where there is poverty and isolation.

For more information on poverty in Notts, Church Urban Fund have produced a report that you can download here.

Poverty is not a lifestyle choice. Despite what you may see or hear in the media, we do not believe that people choose to be in poverty.  Poverty can affect anyone, regardless of age, gender or ethnicity.

We believe that poverty is also more than just an issue of wealth. It reaches much wider than this, affecting individuals and whole communities. It includes relational poverty, emotional poverty and spiritual poverty.

People become trapped in this ‘web of poverty’ for many reasons.

These include:

  • Local jobs may be non-existent or inaccessible.
  • Domestic violence. 
  • Poor educational opportunities and experiences.
  • Lack of confidence to manage personal finances.
  • Downward spiral of debt, with escape feeling impossible.
  • Physical and mental health problems
  • Issues of addiction or isolation.

It is only by working TOGETHER that we will improve people's lives and lower poverty.

There are alot of misconceptions about poverty - we recommend these resources by the Joint Public Issues Team for a true picture - http://www.jointpublicissues.org.uk/truthandliesaboutpoverty/ 

Download CUF's full briefing on poverty in Notts here