About Wellsprings Together Bradford

About Wellsprings Together Bradford

Poverty is not a lifestyle choice...

Poverty  and disadvantage can affect anyone regardless of age, gender or ethnicity. Those trapped in ‘the web of poverty’ may be there for many different and overlapping reasons.

The Bradford district is affected by a range of factors that lead to some of the worst levels of social deprivation in the UK, including falling employment rates, diverse ethnic communities facing language and educational barriers, generational poverty and an increasing young and socially excluded population.

Tackling Poverty, Social Injustice and Disadvantage Together

Wellsprings Together Bradford is committed to being part of the solution to these needs, working to tackle the causes of poverty, and to enable activity that supports people trapped in poverty and disadvantage to rebuild their lives.

Wellsprings Together Bradford is a joint venture of the Anglican Diocese of West Yorkshire and the Dales, supporting and encouraging individuals, Christian organisations and churches of all denominations and traditions to understand and respond effectively to the issues of poverty and social justice for the wellbeing of local communities.

Church Urban Fund has a mission to reach out to transform the lives of society’s poorest and most marginalised people. Wellsprings Together Bradford is part of a national network developed by Church Urban Fund to help create sustainable and more effective solutions to tackling poverty in England, and to give a voice on the local and national stage to their work and concerns about poverty.

Wellsprings Together Bradford has four key objectives:

  1. Provide long term sustainable support to Christian Organisations and Churches
  2. Act as a catalyst to develop new projects
  3. Improve access to resources, information and expertise
  4. Provide a framework for others to respond to the problem of poverty, with coordination and avoiding duplication